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LightWave 2019 has just been released by Newtek!

We're happy to announce that our complete series of 2018 Plugins is fully compatible with this new release of LightWave 3D. You will be able to install and use them right away.

qckPck 2018

Due to the ability to now search in all pop-ups menus, all qckPck users can benefit from LightWave 2019 right now, allowing for an evening quicker navigation in heavy scenes.

This addition to LightWave 2019 puts qckPck on a whole new level. You can find out more in the next days on our YouTube channel.

qckPck2018 LW2019 half

exrTrader 2018 / exrTrader Pro 2018

LightWave 2019 adds a few new default buffers/AOVs. Since the list of buffers was already created dynamically in LightWave 2018, exrTrader will be able to pick up the new buffers immediately.

infiniMap 2018, frameD 2018, nodeMeister 2018, db&w Tools 2018

These work as expected in LightWave 2019.