db&w Announces shaderMeister V.1.0—A Unique Global Shading System for LightWave 3D Artists

Newest Plug-in for LightWave 3D ® Software Allows 3D Artists to Override Native Surfaces and Ease the Creation of Render Passes, Accelerating Complex Production Scenarios

STUTTGART, Germany—March 31st 2009—db&w Bornemann und Wolf GbR, today announced the immediate availability of shaderMeister™ Version 1.0, the latest plug-in collection from the company that created the unlimited size texture mapping plug-in, infiniMap for LightWave 3D software, a complete 3D modeling, animation and rendering package. Created to address the growing complexity of working with different lighting and texture requirements in today’s 3D animated films and games, shaderMeister v.1.0 allows 3D artists to override surfaces in LightWave 3D on a global level for an accelerated workflow, with reduced steps, and new time-saving techniques for working with ambient occlusion (AO) as well as custom passes .

When 3D artists have specific shading requirements, shaderMeister v.1.0 offers an ideal solution. By overriding  the native surface shading feature in LightWave 3D, on a scene-by-scene basis, artists can realize greater flexibility to create a custom library of shader overrides and presets.  The Master Handler plug-in manages the global nodal surfacing graph presets and a custom library of shader overrides, supported by an easy to learn, straight-forward workflow in shaderMeister. Now, 3D artists can work faster, without spending valuable creative time on repetitive steps or needing to set up complex scene changes for rendering.

“Finally, the tedious task of creating multiple objects or surface presets for occlusion passes is over. The simplicity of use is genius,” said Simon Percy, director at Darkside Animation, London. “shaderMeister delivers an effective solution for handling mind-numbing and complex changes to multiple surfaces. At last, the shaderMeister plug-in offers a simple, fast and very effective way to manage mass surface alterations. Thank you db&w,” added Percy.

The new features in shaderMeister v.1.0 were specifically created to address the needs of animators tasked with creating sophisticated lighting and texturing for 3D surfaces in photo-real design visualization or 3D animated projects. shaderMeister ships with an advanced preset system that can be saved on one workstation, or shared across the entire studio. shaderMeister leverages the native nodal shading tool set in LightWave 3D and extends it with nodes to manage global shading graphs depending on a variety of criteria, such as item names, surface names or weight maps.
For a complete list of features and other included plug-ins, visit: http://shaderMeister.db-w.com

“This release of shaderMeister brings significant productivity boosts to the LightWave 3D user base,” said Michael Wolf, head of research and development and co-founder of db&w.  “We’re very proud to provide our customers with a solution that offers the flexibility to simply override the complete shading of a scene and realize significant time savings and creative control through this streamlined workflow.”

Pricing and Availability

The shaderMeister V.1.0 plug-in for LightWave 3D software is now available in English, sold direct at db&w Bornemann und Wolf GbR. shaderMeister V.1.0 is sold for 39 EUR or the equivalent in US dollars, based on international exchange rates.

**PRESS: Screen shots and images of shaderMeister are available at the db&w Bornemann and Wolf IMAGE LIBRARY online at: http://press.db-w.com/

About db&w Bornemann und Wolf GbR

db&w develops highly workflow-oriented plugins for the LightWave 3D software customer base, and for proprietary, high end solutions in 3D computer graphics. db&w software and solutions are used by major VFX studios and by military and civil engineering agencies worldwide.
Founded in April 2003 by Dagmar Bornemann and Michael Wolf, db&w and its core team are based in Stuttgart Germany, where excellence, passion, and integrity are the cornerstones that define the company’s business charter.
“Our goal is to help customers efficiently accomplish their projects. We would never sell a product to a customer that they don’t truly need. We want to make a difference.”
Dagmar Bornemann, general manager of db&w

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