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exrTrader 2018.1.4 for Win exrTrader 2018.1.4 for Windows HOT


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Version 2018.1.4

  • Fixed an issue where Cryptomattes weren't always saved in the correct location.

Version 2018.1.2

  • Updated the binary to use the latest OpenEXR library.
  • Tweaks to the information displayed in a "Review", especially for exrTrader Pro.
  • Fixed an issue saving limited regions
  • Fixed an issue dealing with Light Groups

Version 2018.1

  • Redesigned all paths to be variable based
  • Added a help window for compression modes and variables
  • exrTrader Pro only Added the ability to unlock functionality with a Pro license only.
  • exrTrader Pro only Added support for Cryptomattes

Version 2018.0.1

  • Fixed various issues related to LightGroups. Please note that old scenes and presets using light groups in exrTrader are not likely to load correctly.
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Version 2018.1.4
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