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infiniMap for infiniMap for OS X HOT

This update to infiniMap fixes various issues:

Changes for Version 1.7a

  • Colour corrected the Colour output of the infiniMap image Node.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the OSX Version
  • Changed the location of the envelopes for the nodes in the global channel list. They are now created in the proper location for the surface and node. This also fixes a slowdown in scenes with hundreds of infiniMap nodes.
  • Updated the PNG library used by infiniMap to the latest version, resulting in a minor speed increase when dealing with PNG images.
  • Updated the zlib library in Windows with a version that is better optimised, resulting in minor speed-ups when compressing EXR images using ZIP compression. The OSX build uses the zlib library that ships with the OS.
  • Speed-ups to UV evaluations when rendering on many cores on LW 10.1 and higher.These are quite substantial in cases that use a lot of images as well as a lot of UV mapping on 4 cores or more.
  • Fixed an issue with the normal mapping node in relation to local translations.
  • Fixes to the UV mapping code, resulting in a more accurate spot size being computed which in turn loads lower resolution image tiles. This can improve memory usage when using UV maps substantially. • Fixed the normal mapping node to work properly with translated items
  • changed the default location of the license file to:
    %appdata%/db&w/licenses on Windows and
    ~/Library/Application Support/db&w/licenses on OS X
    to prevent issues writing the license file.Previous license files will still be used by the plugin - and the licenses from the locations mentioned above can also manually be copied into the same directory as the plugin for a self-contained installation.
Created 02 Mar 2012 14:36:51
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Version 1.7a
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