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Version 2018.0.8

  • The Clone count still didn't work as intended in the Extended Spot Info node, now it really does.

Version 2018.0.7

  • Added an option to limit the Tone Mapping pixel filter to VPR only
  • The Clone count didn't work as intended in the Extended Spot Info node.
  • The Material Tweaker now at least sets the surface it's applied to to grey - as opposed to black - in OpenGL

Version 2018.0.5

  • Added a simple Chroma Key node
  • Added a simple Tone Mapping pixel filter, which can be used interactively in VPR as well
  • Added Variables nodes to replace the native constant nodes if their values need to affect motion blur

Version 2018.0.3

  • An almost complete re-write of the Lambert node with massive help of Antti Järvelä from the LW3DG. It is now based on the new lighting system.

Version 2018.0.2

  • Fixed a crash in the Single Lambert Node and the Material Tweaker

Version 2018.0.1

  • Fixed a crash launching the Depth Limiter
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