exrTrader Pro - Cryptomatte

In addition to the other features, exrTrader Pro allows you to write Cryptomattes.

Cryptomattes - originally devised by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones from psyop - allow you to store automatically generated mattes for all items or surfaces in a single OpenEXR image.

These can then be extracted in a compositing application using freely available plugins.

Cryptomatte in exrTrader Pro allows you so save all Cryptomattes in a single or in separate files.

The levels determine how many different mattes may be stored per single pixel. 6 is usually a sufficient number.

You can also decide if the manifest - the file containing the names of the mattes - is stored embedded in the EXR image or as a separate file.

exrTrader Pro also allows you to select any of the OpenEXR compression types that are compatible with Cryptomatte.

Current Limitations: Volumes are not selectable via Crpytomattes. Reconstruction filters other than Box and a Filter Radius other than 0.0 will produce results differing from the LightWave 3D renders. We are working with the LightWave 3D developers to remove these limitations.