Available in two versions


infiniMap Exr

infiniMap Pro

Texturing Layer, Node, Multi-Channel Node, Normal Mapping Node
Projection All image projections supported by LightWave 3D. The Texture Layer does not support UV mapping.

Windows, MacOS *

Windows only.
Conversion Batch image converter.
Convert on load if the image is not native to infiniMap.
Supported image formats. All formats that LightWave 3D can read using plugins (not including: Targa, FLX and IFF)
Additionally: ECW, JPEG 2000 (not available on OSX)
These will be converted to a native image format.
Native image format Tiled OpenEXR Tiled OpenEXR, JPEG 2000, ECW
no license? Load, save and render objects and scenes created with any version of infiniMap.
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  *The MacOS version does not support JPEG 2000/ECW images.