qckPck for LightWave 3D

So fast, we had to drop the vowels.

The quickest way to navigate in Layout

qckPck has been built for speed.

qckPck 2018 is a navigation system for Lightwave 3D Layout. Its aim is to speed up navigation and common tasks drastically by providing access to often used functionality quickly.

qckPck 2018 includes a panel optimized for shortcuts coupled with menus optimized for specific tasks, such as opening the surface editor for selected surfaces, picking items or adding and removing plugins.

You will be surprised by how much quicker you will perform your day-to-day tasks in Layout.

"Extremely useful. I'm accessing essential parts within LightWave much faster with it. I had to unlearn the old way to the quicker way."

Ludwig Geerman / alpha tester since the first build

Just two keys away

qckPck allows you to reach multiple menus by just pressing two keys, one to launch qckPck, the second key to launch the individual menus.

You can quickly select:

  • Items
  • Objects
  • Bones
  • Lights
  • Cameras

and perform actions on the current selection or the scene itself.

  • Edit a Surface in the Surface Editor
  • Edit a Surface in the Node Editor
  • Edit Plugins
  • Add Plugins
  • Remove Plugins

And even design your own, custom menu.

"qckPck is just amazing - except for the name."

anonymous beta tester



qckPck is available for LightWave 3D 2018 on Windows and MacOS.


As with all of our plugins, qckPck is licensed to the dongle/serial number ID of LightWave 3D.

qckPck only runs in Layout and does not change scenes in any way.