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Computer Generated Images

We offer CGI to cover your needs.

Computer Generated Images may be part of the Customer Experience journey or just a part of the scientific content you may provide.

We live it, since we love design, technology and like to provide an experience for you that fits to you as well as your budget.

We have provided CGI for a wide variety of projects, including, amongst others, motion pictures, commercials, broadcast, in-store displays and education.

This comes with comprehensive experience in all parts of the field, from production and vfx supervision to editing, animating, compositing down to simple rotoscoping.

3D Animation

We actually work with our own software at times, but not just with ours either.

We provide technically advanced 3D animation services for a reasonable price, while working with different CG packages depending on the needs.

We bring the creative work of others to life. 

  • visualise prototypes
  • create marketing material
  • explain functionality and use

Parkhaus min



From motion graphics for digital signage to compositing final shots for feature films - compositing covers all areas of CGI.

If you need a logo removed from video footage or typography animated for a multi-screen display at an exhibition, we can help you.



Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the key ways to reach customers. Whether in public space, in-store or at trade shows - digital signage is prevalent.

We can create the matching content for you - from scratch using marketing material but also based on supplied storyboards.

We will help you adapt your content for multiple devices and technologies.


From compositing to 3D elements or matchmoving for feature films, television or commercials - we can help you out.

We love to do things others have been asked to do but can’t or just will do but with a budget way over the top.

Don’t get us wrong here, we aren’t cheap, but we are production pipeline freaks that always include the newest technology.

If need we will automate to achieve a better production.

Sometimes we even end up with new product ideas, like infiniMap that had a start as an in house production tool for the Tour de France visualisation. Sometimes we use some of our existing technology for production.

It goes both ways. We do hands on work not to lose touch with the real world challenges of VFX production.

Custom Pipelines

We have developed, implemented and used very specialised pipelines for a number of projects.

Some of these have resulted in software products, such as the texturing technology developed to visualise stages of the Tour de France for German television.

The tools and pipeline developed for the award winning short "Ring of Fire" have lead to our product frameD.

Technical challenges are our forte

Do you need to combine a DSLR with an industrial robot driven by a 3D application for a stop motion film? Drive a motion control camera or use RAW images in your compositing application? We love to get our hands dirty when things get tricky.

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