Use huge images as textures

infiniMap is a LightWave 3D plugin that allows the user to render virtually unlimited size textures within a familiar interface.

This is accomplished by only loading the parts of an image into memory that are actually visible in the final render in the resolution needed for the final image. To determine the optimum resolution of the image need for the render, infiniMap uses a number of variables, including for example the distance of the mesh to the camera.

A smart caching system ensures that the performance hit on render times is minimal, especially when rendering out animations. This also reduces the load in file servers when rendering on a farm. The loading of scenes with infiniMap images is much quicker than using natives images.

Tight integration

It has been our goal to integrate infiniMap as tightly into LightWave 3D as possible and to adhere to existing standards to make using it a smooth experience.

We also include support functionality, such as the automatic creation of proxy preview textures for Layout as well as a custom image browser to keep the most important settings in view while working.

Included tools

infiniMap includes a batch image converter that can use all image i/o plugins that are installed with LightWave 3D.

Currently supported image file formats are ECW (from ER Mapper), JPEG 2000 as well as OpenEXR*.

You can download and use the free, unlicensed version right after registering at our site. We also provide you with a thorough user manual as well as two comprehensive tutorials.

So go ahead, and render a world of image maps today.

We also offer two tutorials with sample data.

* the MacOS version only supports OpenEXR images.


  • Full compatibility to LightWave 3D's surfacing, allowing for an easy replacement of native image texture layers with infiniMap texture layers.
  • Works as a procedural texture layer or as a node.
  • A user interface that remains as close as possible to the native image texturing interface provided by LightWave 3D, resulting in a minimal learning curve.
  • Complete support for multi-threading to make full use of multi-processor, multi-core and/or hyper-threading computers.
  • Low memory footprint.
  • Shared image cache: Multiple instances of the same image use a shared cache, reducing the amount of memory required during rendering for scenes that re-use identical images (or single channels thereof).
  • Support for all projection modes, includes tools to tweak the projection in UV space.
  • MacOS support, OpenEXR only*.
  • Includes a batch converter that can export images loaded into LightWave 3D as ECW, JPEG 2000 or tiled OpenEXR image files
  • Channel selection options to the shader plugin
  • Replace Image option to globally replace an infiniMap Image
  • Colour Correction on a per image instance basis
  • Free network render nodes.
  • Unlicensed plugins can still be used to load, render and save infiniMap enabled scenes, thus no need to purchase a license for every copy of LightWave 3D in your facility.
  • ScreamerNet network rendering compatible, of course.
  • Free point updates, free support...

*ECW/JPEG 2000 is not supported on MacOS

Supported Platforms

infiniMap is available for LightWave 3D 2018.0 and higher, Windows as well as MacOS*

* the MacOS version only supports OpenEXR images.

Available in two versions


infiniMap Exr

infiniMap Pro

Texturing Layer, Node, Multi-Channel Node, Normal Mapping Node
Projection All image projections supported by LightWave 3D. The Texture Layer does not support UV mapping.

Windows, MacOS *

Windows only.
Conversion Batch image converter.
Convert on load if the image is not native to infiniMap.
Supported image formats. All formats that LightWave 3D can read using plugins (not including: Targa, FLX and IFF)
Additionally: ECW, JPEG 2000 (not available on OSX)
These will be converted to a native image format.
Native image format Tiled OpenEXR Tiled OpenEXR, JPEG 2000, ECW
no license? Load, save and render objects and scenes created with any version of infiniMap.
  Buy infiniMap Exr
479€ (excl. VAT)  
Buy infiniMap Pro
639€ (excl. VAT)  
  *The MacOS version does not support JPEG 2000/ECW images.
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