Please Note

The only place to buy db&w products is share*it! or DStorm for our japanese customers.
Any other vendor offering db&w products is doing so illegitimately.
If you are unsure about any offer, please contact us and we can help you out.

How to purchase

You may order our products via the following methods:

  • Using our share-it on-line shop.
  • Share-it offers you to order by fax, e-mail or phone or as a corporate customer using a purchase order

The ordering process is completely handled by share-it!.

To order on-line, please proceed to our share-it on-line shop.

To order by fax, e-mail, phone or by using a purchase order, please contact share-it! directly. You will need the product IDs of the plugins you wish to order. These are:


product product ID
exrTrader #300099012
shaderMeister #300299806
infiniMap Pro #300047115
infiniMap Exr #300248343
shaderMeister & exrTrader #300299808
infiniMap Exr & exrTrader #300248344
infiniMap Pro & exrTrader #300248345
infiniMap Exr to infiniMap Pro #300248346

You will find more details about purchasing on the Customer support page at share-it.

Registration of your purchased plugin:

After your payment has been confirmed we will ask you to mail us your registration information (as explained in the manuals) so that we can proceed to generate and mail you the activation key for the product. You may speed this process up by mailing us the registration information right after the order, we will then send you an activation key as soon as the payment is confirmed.


Volume pricing.

We offer Volume pricing for our products. Please check the on-line shop for the current discounts. The volume pricing will automatically be applied to your order once you enter the amount of licenses purchased.