infiniMap: the world at your fingertips


infiniMap allows you to use unlimited size image textures within LightWave 3D. It includes a shader, procedural texture layer and node and provides all projection types . infiniMap supports OpenEXR, JPEG 2000 and ECW images, an image conversion tool is included.

infiniMap is available in 3 editions, infiniMap Pro, infiniMap Exr and infiniMap Le.

infiniMap is currently available for LightWave 3D 9.0 and higher, Windows 32- and 64-bit as well as OSX UB (please note, the OSX version currently only supports EXR images).

The unlicensed version includes a fully functional shader that can use planar mapping on the Y axis and may be used for free.

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exrTrader: smarten up your render pipeline


exrTrader provides complete support for the OpenEXR image file format for LightWave 3D. It is the ideal companion for anyone using LightWave in a compositing pipeline.

exrTrader includes standard image loaders and savers as well as an image filter saver that allows for the saving of any render buffer provided by LightWave 3D. Buffers can be saved to a single or multiple OpenEXR files. Support of VIPER to preview buffers makes selecting them very intuitive.

exrTrader is currently available for LightWave 3D version 7.5 to 9.X, Windows 32- and 64-bit as well as OSX.

The unlicensed version includes the fully functional OpenEXR image loader and saver and may be used for free.

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shaderMeister: unique global shading system for LightWave 3D


shaderMeister allows you to override the shading of surface on a scene by scene basis. This is accomplished by a shader plugin that needs to be applied to all surfaces that should be overridden by shaderMeister.

When rendering the shader plugin will detect if a shaderMeister global shading network is present and then evaluate it.

The shaderMeister global shading network itself is saved with the scene. A master handler plugin manages it.

shaderMeister has been designed with compositing pipelines in mind that need to break out complex passes.

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frameD: advanced image sequence management


frameD is an advanced image sequence manager for LightWave 3D.

frameD includes an X-Sheet editor for image sequences. It also provides a memory cache and proxy options to speed up interactive sessions in Layout.

The main usage scenarios are image sequences that contain duplicate images (such as mouth shapes mapped on a character's face) as well as backplates used for reference.


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We also offer various bundles of infiniMap, exrTrader and shaderMeister as well as updates from infiniMap Exr to infiniMap Pro in our on-line shop.

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db&wTools: a little something for everyone


db&w tools are a free set of plugins for LightWave that complement our products and also include a few small plugins that should be useful for anybody.





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