• Full compatibility to LightWave 3D's surfacing, allowing for an easy replacement of native image texture layers with infiniMap texture layers.
  • Works as a procedural texture layer or as a node.
  • A user interface that remains as close as possible to the native image texturing interface provided by LightWave 3D, resulting in a minimal learning curve.
  • Complete support for multi-threading to make full use of multi-processor, multi-core and/or hyper-threading computers.
  • Low memory footprint.
  • Shared image cache: Multiple instances of the same image use a shared cache, reducing the amount of memory required during rendering for scenes that re-use identical images (or single channels thereof).
  • Support for all projection modes, includes tools to tweak the projection in UV space.
  • MacOS support, OpenEXR only*.
  • Includes a batch converter that can export images loaded into LightWave 3D as ECW, JPEG 2000 or tiled OpenEXR image files
  • Channel selection options to the shader plugin
  • Replace Image option to globally replace an infiniMap Image
  • Colour Correction on a per image instance basis
  • Free network render nodes.
  • Unlicensed plugins can still be used to load, render and save infiniMap enabled scenes, thus no need to purchase a license for every copy of LightWave 3D in your facility.
  • ScreamerNet network rendering compatible, of course.
  • Free point updates, free support...

*ECW/JPEG 2000 is not supported on MacOS

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