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zip.png exrTrader Demo for Windows & macOS 2018.2.2 / 2020.2.2HOT

exrTrader demo version for Windows & macOS.

The demo only includes the layered saver (an image filter) and can be used in alongside the full version. The Pro functionality is unlocked.


  • Settings are not saved or loaded.
  • Only renders up to frame 60 are saved in a render.
  • Only render sizes up to 1920x1080 are supported.
  • Since no settings are loaded, rendering in lwsn won't work.

Have a look at for the on-line documentation.

zip.png infiniMap Demo for Windows & macOS 2018.0.5 / 2020.0.5HOT

infiniMap Demo for Windows & macOS

Online documentation is available here.

Restrictions of the demo version:

  • None of the settings are saved
  • infiniMap will only render up to frame #60 in the scene
  • infiniMap will work in renders up to 1920x1080

We recommend not installing the Demo and the licensed version of infiniMap at the same time.

zip.png nodeMeister Demo for Windows & macOS 2018.3.1 / 2020.3.1HOT

Demo version of nodeMeister for Windows & macOS.

This requires at least LightWave 2018.0.3

The on-line documentation is available here.

Loading and saving is disabled.

Demo version of qckPck ft. qckHuD for Windows & macOS.

It has the following limitations:

  • The qckPck pop-up menus will only work for the first 25 times you use them. This numer will reset if you restart Layout.
  • Neither qckPck nor qckHuD will load or save any data or settings.

qckPck requires at least LightWave 3D 2018.

Please note:

The manual and the on-line documentation mentions the plugin as qckPck. In the demo version, it is called qckPck_DEMO but otherwsie identical.

zip.png frameD Demo for Windows & macOS 2018.1.2 / 2020.1.2HOT

frameD Demo for Windows & macOS

Online documentation is available here.

Restrictions of the demo:

  • Settings are not saved
  • Projects in the editor are only saved for the first 60 frames
  • Images from frameD sequences are only loaded for the first 60 frames of a scene

Please note, you should either have the demo or the full version of frameD installed but not both at the same time. They are very likely to interfere with each other.