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This update adds minor tweaks and adds Ambient Occlusion settings for LW 11.5 and higher.

Changes since V1.6.1b:

• Changed the label of the "Toggle VIPER" button to "Show/Hide VIPER" to make the functionality more clear.
• Changed the "Store all VIPER Buffers" function to only do so during a single frame render to prevent a performance hit when rendering sequences in Layout.
The label has been changed to "Store all Buffers (F9)" to reflect the new behaviour.
• "Review Settings" now detects duplicate output file names.
• Slight, potential, performance improvements when writing files across a network on windows.
• Added a tab to set the options for the AO buffer in LW 11.5 and higher
• Minor speed optimisations due to switching to more recent compilers on all platforms

Created 01 Mar 2013 17:47:54
Changed 31 Dec 2017 22:06:20
Version 1.6.2
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