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exrTrader V1.4.1 - OS X UB 32-bit and CFM 32-bit

Important for OSX-UB users

The path to the storage of global presets has changed in the UB version of exrTrader as of version 1.3.

It used to be the installation directory of LightWave 3D, now it is "/Library/Preferences/LightWave3D".

If you used global presets, please copy the "SimplePreset" folder from your LightWave 3D folder to "/Library/Preferences/LightWave3D"

The easiest way to transfer them is probably to load the settings directly, once by one, and store them as a global preset within exrTrader.


since V1.4
  • Windows: Moved the location of the global Presets to the documents directory for "All Users" to prevent crashes for non-admin users.
  • Allow users to change the name of the channels saved for single channel buffers (these were hardcoded to Y).
  • This should improve compatibility with Nuke which expects single channel buffers to be named "A" and then loads them as masks.
  • Added the %eye% variable to distinguish images when rendering using a stereo camera
since V1.3
  • Added an option to additionally save buffers a any image format supported by LW
  • Added the ability to include variables in the path name
  • Added an option to apply the display gamma after exrTrader has saved the buffers
  • Updated the manual
  • Added a section to the manual that describes the buffers as provided by LightWave 3D
  • Minor tweaks to the GUI
  • The Reflectivity buffer was accidentally disabled, it is now working again
  • The Depth buffer Minimum/Maximum settings weren't applied as described in the manual, now they are
  • Fixed a (rare) crash bug in connection with the selection of channels and buffers
  • Fixed the quick selection of channels, the Depth Buffer wasn't always added
  • Fixed the behaviour for limited regios, which now match the setting in the render globals

 since V1.2
  • Added support for the refraction buffer inLightWave 3D V9.6
  • Added "flip" option for single channels
  • Added "Luminance as RGB" option when saving greyscale buffers to single images
  • Added a new naming option for output files
  • Tweaked the preset mechanism to allow for longer names as well as names containing "special" characters.
since V1.1a
  • Added display gamma
  • Added gamma correction for buffers
  • Added un-multiply by alpha option for buffers
  • Added LW 9.5 compatible metadata.
  • Added "default" presets
  • various small bugfixes
We hope you enjoy working with exrTrader.
If you have any issues, please feel free to mail us at or use our support forum at
Best Regards,
Your db&w team.
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