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nodeMeister 2018.1 for Win nodeMeister 2018.1 for Windows

The first update to nodeMeister:


  • Made nodeMeister compatible with Octane for LightWave, adding multiple custom connection types.
  • Streamlined the addition of new inputs on the Output node in a nodeMeister graph.
  • Replaced the “Add…” button on the Input and Output node of the nodeMeister Graph with a pop-up to directly select the type of the new connection.
  • All prompts asking the user if he's sure to perform an action are now hidden if the Alert Level in Layout is set to Low.
  • Added a “Transparency” and “Single Threaded” option to the node if they run in a shading / displacement context respectively.
Created 08 May 2018 13:25:18
Version 2018.1
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Created by Michael Wolf
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